Reptiles and Amphibians

A number of reptiles enjoy the sunny habitats that abound around the Botanic Gardens. Andalusian Wall Lizards Podarcis vaucheri are very common and can be seen basking on walls throughout the year. Moorish Geckos Tarentola mauritanica are no less common, but have more nocturnal habits. Although less frequently encountered, snakes are common in the gardens. The Horseshoe Whip Snake Hemorrhois hippocrepis is probably the most likely species to be encountered, but the Alameda also holds what is possibly the only population in Gibraltar of Viperine Snake Natrix maura. Both species are harmless. Our ponds hold introduced terrapins, including some European Pond Terrapins Emys obicularis. Perez’s Frog Pelophylax perezi is common in ponds and is the only amphibian that is likely to be encountered.

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