Flora of Gibraltar

Gibraltar Campion Silene tomentosa

The Rock of Gibraltar has a rich flora, with over 630 wild species. The company that manages the Botanic Gardens published ‘The Flowers of Gibraltar‘ in 1996 and plans are underway to publish an up to date, comprehensive flora of Gibraltar.

Our work at the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens includes the propagation of plants that are special to Gibraltar for conservation purposes. For example, the very rare Gibraltar Campion Silene tomentosa was rescued from extinction through propagation at the Botanic Gardens. The technical team at the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens is currently preparing an action plan for ex situ conservation of Gibraltar’s special plants.

Moroccan Succulents


We keep a growing, living collection of succulent plants from Morocco, for research and conservation purposes. This consists of multiple accessions that are extensively documented. We also conduct fieldwork in Morocco to better understand the ecology and distribution of Morocco’s succulent plants, some of which are endemic to that country.

Monitoring of Nocturnal Flying Insects

Light trap

A Rothamsted Light Trap was installed at the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens in 2006 and this has operated on a nightly basis since then, in order to monitor flying insect numbers and species composition (particularly moths, beetles and ants), inventory insect species for the Gibraltar Biodiversity Project, and detect and monitor pest and invasive species in Gibraltar. Achievements so far have included the detection of new species to science, recording of new species to the faunas of mainland Europe and Iberia, and the monitoring of populations of pest species before and after the introduction of control methods. Interesting results are published in entomological journals or presented to the Government of Gibraltar when these concern invasive species.

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