Key Facts


The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens lie at the foot of the Rock of Gibraltar, which is situated at the western end of the Mediterranean and on the southern tip of Iberia, at 36°07’N, 5°21’W. Altitude within the gardens spans from 35-60m above sea level. The gardens are located directly south of the town centre, just beyond the 16th Century defensive walls and Trafalgar Cemetery.


The substrate throughout the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens consists of red, wind-blown sands. These sit on a bed of the Jurassic limestone that forms the Rock of Gibraltar.


Gibraltar has a typically western Mediterranean climate. The mean annual temperature is 18°C. The warmest month is August, with a mean temperature of 24°C and a mean high of 27°C. The coldest month is January, with a mean temperature of 13°C and a mean low of 10°C. Record maxima and minima are 38°C and 1°C. Mean annual rainfall is relatively high at 767mm.

Opening Hours

The Gardens open at 8am and are open until 9pm, or sunset if earlier.

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