Main Walk and Glasshouse

Main walk

Extensive works are taking place throughout the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens in preparation for our bicentenary in 2016. This includes a redesign of the Family Beds along the Main Walk, which now includes two rows of Alexander Palms Archontophoenix alexandrae lining the avenue. Preparatory works…

Bridge gets a Trim

Bridge gets a Trim

The climbers that clamber over the frame of the Giuseppe Codali Bridge across The Dell are at least a hundred years old. The most dominant species there is the Bougainvillea Bougainvillea glabra, but it includes other species including Ivy Hedera helix and Golden Chalice…

Giuseppe Codali Bust

Codali Bust

A bust of Guiseppe Codali was recently unveiled in the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens, at one of the entrances to the bridge over the Dell, which bear’s Mr Codali’s name. Guiseppe Codali arrived in Gibraltar from his native Italy in the 1870s. He was the…

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